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Recommended Reading

   Rosamonde recommends the following books. They are listed in alphabetical order:

The Allure of Gnosticism
Robert E. Segal (Editor)

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Mary Magdalene
Lesa Bellevie

The da Vinci Prayerbook: Gnostic Reflections on the Divine Feminine
Jordan Stratford

The Gift
Hafez Translated by Daniel Ladinsky

The Gnostic Bible
Willis Barnstone

The Gnostic Gospels
Elaine Pagels

Stephan Hoeller

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene [UNABRIDGED]
Joseph Rowe, Jacob Needleman, Jean-Yves Leloup (Narrator)

Hidden Wisdom : A Guide to the Western Inner Traditions
Richard Smoley, Jay Kinney; Paperback

The Inner West: An Introduction to the Hidden Wisdom of the West
(New Consciousness Reader)

Jay Kinney (Editor); Paperback

Knowledge of the Heart
(also published under another title: The Gnostic Book of Hours, both are in print)
Dr. June Singer

Mary Magdalene, The First Apostle: The Struggle for Authority
Ann Graham Brock

Mary Magdalene: The Modern Guide to the Bible's Most Mysterious And Misunderstood Woman
Meera Lester

Modern Woman in Search of Soul: A Jungian Guide to the Visible and Invisible Worlds
(Jung on the Hudson Books)
Dr. June Singer

Open Christianity
Jim Burklo

The Power of Now
Eckhart Tolle

Quantum Theology
Diarmuid Ó Morchú

The Resurrection of Mary Magdalene
Jane Schaberg

Search for the Meaning of Life: Essays and Reflections on the Mystical Experience
Willigis Jager

The Sacred Prostitute
Nancy Qualls-Corbett

Sophia-Goddess of Wisdom
Caitlin Matthews

Spanish Poetry: A Dual-Language Anthology 16th-20th Centuries [UNABRIDGED]
Angel Flores (Editor) (Paperback - June 4, 1998)
(Note: For the poem from San Juan de la Cruz, I Entered Where I Did Not Know (Entréme Donde No Supe) translated by Willis Barnstone
(I don't recommend other translations) Rosamonde)

Spirits in Spacesuits: A Manual for Everyday Mystics
Seán Olaoire

Telling the Untold Stories
John Beverley Butcher

Why God Won't Go Away : Brain Science and the Biology of Belief
Andrew Newberg, MD

An Uncommon Lectionary
John Beverley Butcher