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"The Lord did everything in a mystery: a baptism, a chrism, a Eucharist, an apolytrosis (releasement or redemption), and a bridal chamber. "

~Gospel of Philip

All these are five aspects of a complete initiation, rather than five separate, unrelated mysteries. All are facets of the bridal chamber, which embodies the complete initiation.

The Gnostic Sanctuary celebrates five mysteries or sacraments. In addition to them, we offer several rites of passage and rituals. Among others, marriage, naming and/or dedication of children as well as companions from other species; anointment or healing; release of the dead, release of relationship and marriage (divorce); release of the past.

Sacraments are archetypal acts of ceremonial communion with the timeless realities of the soul. They have their impact out of time and they brand us ineradicably.

Other rites, such as rites of passage, mark change, embolden us to break with guilt and the past, constellate healing, and powerfully inspire us to joyfully proceed with this dangerous and great adventure we call life.

The mystery of the Eucharist is published here. The mysteries of baptism, chrism, and apolytrosis are not. Each of these initiations, also called sacraments, require months of preparation by the candidate. The candidate is not familiar with the ritual until the moment of initiation. While others witness the ceremony, no text is distributed. All of these sacraments, including baptism, may be repeated as many times as desired, but no sooner than a three year interval.

The ordination to the priesthood, a distinct aspect of the mystery of the Bridal Chamber, is also omitted from this site.

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